Discontent might be the key...

...to living a more content life.

This letter is late because capitalism is terrible. It’s actually funny that this letter is late because I recorded the bulk of it on Monday morning, hoping to transcribe it and somehow send it on Tuesday. And then I had plenty work to do, and that entered the drain. Anyhow, any time wey you wake na your morning.

Regularly Scheduled Programming.

Before I start this, I want to give you a little bit of context; One day I woke up and I was at a group chat called Curiosity and Discontent. I've always wondered about that group chat name, but I didn't really ask, which is kind of weird because the whole point is curiosity. You know, so I should have asked, but I didn't. So that one's on me.

I realized though why it was called Discontent as a part of the name. On Sunday, I had a video shoot. We had like 20 people on location, and it was hot, which didn't make sense because every other time we had been to that place, it wasn't hot. We knew they had ACs, so why was it hot? Our first theory was that the doors were open, which is actually a plausible theory, so we closed it o, but it was still hot. 

One of my bosses went to ask the people in charge, “why is this place hot? Like, what's going on? And it turns out they only put on one of the AC units at any given time because of... units, right?” And we said, “okay, we're going to play for the units. So, put on this AC.”

This is after we had been suffering for like an hour or two. And Fu’ad, if you have read previous editions of the newsletter, you would know who Fu’ad is. If you don't, well, get acquainted. Fu’ad goes, “This is why discontent is important. Somebody has to say, “This isn't working, and how do we fix it?””

If you haven't guessed by now, he’s the one who added me to the group chat. And it got me thinking. Discontent is really trying to live a life more than the one you have. Dissatisfied sounds like such an ugly word. It connotes ungratefulness. I mean, you are grateful for what you have, but you are, you just want more. I think that all great human inventions are born out of this content. Somebody looking at things and going, “Nah. There has to be a better way to do this. There has to be some way. There has to be something better, some way better to do this thing. And I'm going to find that way, and I'm going to do it.”

I think that's what's missing from most people - acting on your discontent in a productive way.

We should all live with a little bit of discontent with our lives. A healthy dose of discontent is needed. Like our everyday lives. So it forces us to get out of our comfort zone. That's what discontent does. It takes you out of your comfort zone. You become someone who wants to live a life more than the one that you have now. It's not that you're dissatisfied. It's not that like you're ungrateful for the life you have now. It's just you are discontent.

That's something that’s going to stay with me going forward because Discontent is not necessarily a bad thing. Wanting more and working on getting that more just might be the secret to making it. 

On Life

I have been reading a lot more articles on Marketing Strategy and listening to podcasts about strategy. And making more and more strategy at this point, my first words every day would be ‘Strategy and Socials’. But it’s fun. I am learning to challenge myself and put the things I thought I knew into boxes.

With all the brands I read about, though, their approaches may differ but one thing that stays true is that safety is a myth. Obviously, no one wants to get in trouble with legal but most times, playing it safe is thrown out the window. I appreciate that.

I have also restocked my snail mucin! After a month of being out and being too poor to restock. Let the church say amen?

I’m supposed to be writing NaNoWriMo but work has swamped me so much I do not know how to continue from where I stopped. I will sha continue - it is a comma, not a full stop.

On Books.

The only book I am reading now is fan fiction. That’s surprisingly the only thing I have the bandwidth for. 

In good news, though, the author of one of my favorite book series announced a new book series coming soon. Nora Sakavic wrote All for the Game and changed my life forever.

On Music.

Jungkook dropped Golden and that boy is a true superstar. You absolutely should give it a listen. 


My lemonade is the cake I took from Nana’s fridge. Fantastic cake, actually. It can change lives.

I am editing and scheduling this half asleep. If you have any grammar issues, take it up with God and Grammarly.