Misery loves company

Sounds like a P!ATD song.

Hi there! I’m attempting to start being consistent with this letter again. So here’s the second letter twice in a row. It’s a little past 9 am, I have a test in approximately four hours and the only thing I know is the course code. Fun times. As soon as I schedule this letter, I’m going to attempt to read. Wish me luck.

Regularly Scheduled Programming

he replies I got from the last letter were equal parts amusing and concerning. Usually, I treat this letter like I’m speaking into the void, and it works for me because it helps me not to be nervous. Replies are always fun though, it makes it more like a newsletter and less like my chaotic Twitter account.

Back to the replies, my personal favourite was someone telling me; rock bottom definitely has a basement. I think that’s hilarious. It’s true but really hilarious. The replies made me feel less alone. And I think for human beings, that’s one of the most important things - No man is an island yada yada.

The need for social connection is the reason social media is a thing. People want to feel connected to other people. It’s the reason I spend so much time on TikTok, other than the rush of dopamine of course.

Within that needed connection is the fact that in the sadness, people need to know that they are not alone. Of course, there is the fact that sadness makes you want to withdraw into yourself and not speak to anybody but in my experience, there’s still that need for connection. It’s the reason sad songs chart so much. My friend Rara says that one of the beauties of Art is that it makes you feel less alone. There’s no sadness you’ve felt that an artist hasn’t felt and put into words, whether via literature or song. It’s fascinating how we’re all living variations of the same lives.

Misery loves company. And sometimes, that company is what puts us out of our misery (pun completely intended.) Being not-alone even in your aloneness has the capacity to save your life. Knowing that people hear you even if they don’t understand soothes the ache in your chest. At least, for me anyways.

On Life.

I’m back in school - a situation I shall be discussing extensively with my therapist in our next session. I think I lost weight? But when do I never? I wrote something recently inspired by a friend’s poem. Said friend does not even remember they wrote something like that but here we are.

In other life-changing news, two out of my friends have watched Hamilton and I have never felt more like I knew what I was doing. I lovee Lin Manuel-Miranda and he’s such a genius. Watch Hamilton today guys; watch it.

On Music.

Bighit wants to finish my money. That’s it. Because Jimin dropped last week and Suga wants to drop this month. If you know where I can sell my kidney, please let me know. If you’re thinking of getting into Kpop, this is your sign to run far far away.

On Books.

Over the weekend, I read Ali Hazelwood’s Love Hypothesis and Love on the Brain. I really am such a lover girl. Both books made me so giddy and giggly. Romance books are so good when you find the great ones. I’m currently reading Chimeka Garricks’ Tomorrow Died Yesterday and I have thoughts on the decrease in Nigeria’s state over the years.


This might be a particularly weird one but this week’s Lemonade is the fact that I could buy the skincare I wanted. I look at my Niacinamide bottle and giggle.

And that’s it, folks. Another letter from person wey no know road. Cheers to a good week. I hope.